Consultation services generally fall into three categories:

  • Persons seeking legal advice about various family law issues may meet privately with an attorney at Fox & Bank to discuss their questions in confidence to gain a better understanding of how the law may impact their situation. Fox & Bank attorneys are often consulted to render a “second-opinion” in a family law matter.
  • Parties proceeding through family law mediation may retain an attorney at Fox & Bank to serve as his/her independent consulting attorney to provide legal advice and guidance during the mediation process and to review proposed agreements; and,
  • Parties choosing to represent themselves in their family law litigation may retain an attorney at Fox & Bank to consult with on an as-needed basis.

When we are retained to provide consultation services, the consultation is confidential, but we are not retained as the representing attorney in the matter and we do not become the attorney of record. The party decides how often to contact the attorneys and on what issues he/she wishes to consult. The attorneys do not handle or direct the litigation.

“Fox & Bank is very professional but at the same time very personal. Fox & Bank is there for you during one of the hardest times in your life.”