Family Law Mediation is a process wherein the parties elect to meet with a mutually selected impartial and neutral professional who can assist them in negotiating a family law resolution.  Parties may elect to mediate a variety of issues, including the terms of a cohabitation, premarital or post-marital agreement; and any issues that may arise in the dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership, such as child and spousal support, property characterization and division, and child custody arrangements. 

Mediation leaves the decision-making power to the parties, rather than to attorneys, experts and judges. The mediator does not decide any of the issues for the parties or determine what terms are “just.” The mediator’s role is to assist the parties in arriving at a solution that reasonably meets the parties' respective goals and needs regardless of what the law may provide or how a judge may rule.

Ms. Fox is trained and experienced in mediation and has served as the mediator in many family law cases. The mediation services Ms. Fox provides cover all aspects of family law. The mediation process is confidential and nothing said in the mediation process can be used by either party during litigation.


“Divorce is hard and emotional, Katie was able to keep both of us calm, focused, and communicating through our entire mediation. She crafted an agreement that we are both happy with and reflects each of our priorities.”