Representative Cases

Fox & Bank LLP handles all aspects of family law.  Our clients have included:  CEO’s of start-ups and other business; restaurant owners; physicians; architects; stay-at-home parents; teachers; college professors; therapists; inventors; lawyers; real estate developers; small business owners; accountants; financial advisors; COO’s and CFO’s of various companies. 

The following are some examples of family law matters we have handled to successful resolution:

  • Negotiated the character and division of stock options, restricted stock units, and other forms of executive compensation in cases representing both the employee and the non-employee spouse.
  • Represented both the business owner/operator spouse and non-operator/owner spouse in cases involving a variety of closely held businesses, including technology start-ups; restaurants; construction firms; dental, law and medical practices; and product manufacturing companies.
  • Experienced with move-way child custody cases and have represented both the parent asking to move a child and the parent objecting to the move.
  • Negotiated numerous temporary and longer-term spousal support settlements, representing both the spouse paying support and the spouse requesting support.
  • Litigated pre-judgment and post-judgment child support, family support and spousal support matters, including issues regarding whether certain types of income should be available for support (e.g. vested but unexercised stock options; RSU's, etc.).
  • Worked with, deposed, and cross-examined various experts to enhance a client's case, including vocational experts, forensic accountants, independent medical examiners, and compensation experts.
  • Conducted detailed tracing of client's significant separate property assets over lengthy marriages.
  • Litigated the validity of premarital and transmutation agreements.
  • Experienced with determining the character and division of complex retirement and deferred compensation plans, including defined benefit plans.
  • Worked with personal injury attorneys for clients who have contracted sexually transmitted diseases from their spouses/partners.
  • Dealt with domestic violence issues, including obtaining restraining orders and addressing domestic violence allegations in child custody matters.
  • Experienced with dissolution of domestic partnerships and with the legal and tax implications affecting registered domestic partners and separating unmarried same-sex couples.
  • Served as consulting attorney to numerous parties participating in mediation.
  • Successfully mediated numerous cases to final resolution, including divorce and domestic partnership matters, and post-judgment issues, including omitted assets and longer-term spousal support.