Litigation refers to the process by which a matter is brought into a formal court setting where the outcome is often determined by a judicial officer, such as a judge or commissioner, after reviewing legal briefs and pleadings and after hearing oral argument at a court proceeding. In the traditional family law litigation model, each party is represented by an attorney and most issues are brought before the court through motions and court trials. Even in litigation, the parties strive to resolve issues in settlement both outside of court and within the court system.

The attorneys at Fox & Bank have extensive litigation experience, including negotiation, discovery matters, court motions and trial work in the public court arena as well as before appointed private judges.

Additionally, parties may elect to have the attorneys at Fox & Bank represent them in various family law matters that do not necessarily require litigation in court, such as the negotiating and drafting of premarital, post-marital, cohabitation, and divorce settlement agreements.

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