Family law mediation puts you—not a judge—in charge of your choices. That doesn’t mean you should go it alone. Legal mediation is much more than a conversation. It may take place outside the courtroom but make no mistake: family law mediation is a complex, emotionally charged negotiation with legally binding consequences for you and your family’s future. Mediation is often the most cost-effection path to conclusion of a family law matter.

Make the most of your family mediation with Fox & Bank LLP.

Mediated agreements determine crucial issues such as property and asset valuation and division, support, child custody and parenting arrangements, and much more. With so much on the line, skilled legal mediation services can make all the difference.

Fox & Bank LLP founder A. Kathryn Fox specializes in family law mediation.  Ms. Fox excels at helping parties reach resolution of even the most difficult problems and situations.  She has a stellar reputation for settling the vast majority of mediated matters, helping parties to avoid costly litigation.   

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